Gate and Garage Door Opener Controller WiFi Smart Phone Google Home and Alexa Enabled

  • Convert your garage door opener or Gate to Google Home/Alexa enabled. Integrates with Smart Home.
  • Easy to install (No additional parts required for normal garage doors)
  • Can be connected to any available garage door or gate that has a manual push button or push button terminals.
  • This works on 110/240VAC, and so, there is no need for an extra power supply. It can also work on 12VDC power, if you prefer it that way.
  • Remote control using a smart phone or iPad or tablet or a computer.
  • With the sensor installed, the current position of the garage door or gate (whether open or closed) can be known from remote accurately
  • Notifications can be configured. Can configure to sound an alarm or send emails or a call a webhook when the garage stays open for a long duration
  • Owner of the garage door/Gate can allow as many others to close/open the garage door/Gate using their smart phone. Authorization can be revoked any time.
  • Opening and closing by Voice activated or by pressing a button or by scanning a QRCode or by voice command through Google Home or Alexa
  • Auto Close can be configured such that the garage door or gate closes automatically after a pre-configured delay after it is opened
  • WifiSecureAccess is a secure system and only allowed users can open/close the garage door/Gate.
  • Extensive control on allowed users. Can configure the hours allowed to open.
  • Scheduled timer actions to close/open garage/gate can also be configured.
  • As an additional advanced feature, this has developer interface to open/close garage/gate with an HTTPS POST call from another application.
  • Detailed documentation of this controller is available
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Note: This product comes with US power plug. However, it can work on 110VAC as well as 240VAC by using a country-specific power adapter

What's in the box

  • Main controller
  • AC power cable (pre_wired)
  • Magnetic sensor (Parts A and B) pre-wrired with 4.5M long cable
  • Double-sided tape (4 numbers)
  • Connecting cable (1.5M) pre_wired
Product Description

Smart Phone Operated Gate and Garage Door Opener

Easy Installation

This garage door/gate controller comes pre-wired with all the needed parts. You need to connect a cable to the push button terminals. Then install the sensor on the garage door (optional).

Control Garage Door or Gates

This can be used for controlling garage doors as well as gates. It can be boom gates as well. So long as they have a manual open/close button terminals, this garage door controller is compatible with it.

Easy Cabling

Locate the push button terminals of the garage door controller and cable the wires from the device to those terminals

Notifications and Auto Closes

If the sensors are installed, the device can send notifications when the garage stays open for a long time. It is also possible to know from far remote whether the garage is currently open or closed. It is also possible to configure auto close as well as periodic timer actions on schedule.

Convert your Garage Door opener or gate to Google Home or Alexa enabled so that you can open/close garage door or gate using your smart phone. This is a plug and play type of a package with the controller pre-wired with all the needed parts, and pre-configured to control an existing garage door or gate. So long as your current garage door or gate has a manual push button and/or a terminal on the back of its controller for manual push button, WiFiSecureAccess garage door/gate opener is compatible with it and can be integrated with it. This controller can operate directly on 110/240VAC power and does not need any additional AC to DC Converter. It can also work on 12VDC. In addition to garage doors of residential houses, with its comprehensive access control/authorization features, this can be used for parking lots of apartment complexes and business/offices. Detailed documentation and User Guide are available at the website of the manufacturer. If you are interested in accessing them prior to purchase, go to their website and click on Documents. Then click on Dedicated Gate/Garage Door Controller.

This garage door/gate controller is highly secure. For extra layer of security, two factor authentication can also be configured with separate access pin for each person.

Detailed documentation of this controller is available

Need one controller per door/gate. Can have multiple doors/gates for a house/office/building/parking-lot

We provide full support for installation and configuration. We will try to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

Product information

Technical Details

Manufacturer WiFiSecureAccess
Part Number SD-3-0
Product Weight 6.0 ounces
Product Dimensions 4.72 x 3.07 x 1.38 inches
Package Weight 11.0 ounces
Package Dimensions 7.9 x 5.6 x 1.6 inches
Item model number SD-3-0
Mounting Type Wall
Plug Format US style
Included Components Main controller, AC power cable, Magnetic sensor with pre-wired 4.5 meter long cable, double-sided tape 2 numbers), connecting cable (1.5 meters)
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No