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Products and Solutions

Bhadre(formerly known as WifiSecureAccess) manufactures and sells products for:

Home and Industrial Automation

Access Control to houses and buildings

Smart Parking, both public and private

Bhadre also provides customized solutions to meet the customer's requirements.

Bhadre also has a powerful cloud based platform to control and manage distributed IOT products worldwide

Our Products

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Coming soon: Personal ID scanner, Fingerprint scanner, Thermostat, Motion Sensor and ultrasound reader.

Home Automation Solutions

Bhadre provides a cloud based automation products and system that can be used for controlling anything from remote using a smart phone, or Google Home or Alexa. Bhadre platform provides advanced features to configure automatic controls such as timer based or sensor based. Multi-way switches, central switch to turn ON/OFF a large number of switches without any additional wiring, turning on lights or equipments when door is opened are some of those convenient features of Bhadre system.

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Access Control Solutions

We provide general purpose access controllers that can be used for controlling access to anything such as smart door locks, access to buildings and officess or any restricted area.

With our access controller, you can convert your existing door lock to an smart lock with smartphone access, fingerprint scanning, ID card scanning, and Google Home/Alexa. You keep the current mecahanical lock with mechanical keys while getting these extra features.

We provide full service of installation, configuration as well as maintenance. Click here for further details

Parking Solutions

Bhadre has one of the sophisticated and convenient DIY parking systems. This can be installed in private parking as well as public parking. This is also ideal for apartment complexes and office buildings for the residents and staff. Users use their smart phone to park, and no tickets or cards needed.

This is a system that clients can install by themselves by purchasing the access controller from Bhadre. Bhadre provides extensive documentation on installation and configuration.

We provide full service of installation, configuration as well as maintenance. Click here for further details

Public Access and Transportation Solutions

Bhadre provides convenient and easy-to-install and easy-to-operate access control systems for public places such as Cinema Halls, public event halls. We also provide access control system for transportation such as busesc and trains. With this system installed, public can access these using their smart phone. Entry fees are charged to their credit card.

We provide full service of installation, configuration as well as maintenance. Click here for further details


This system can be installed by the customers themselves or with the help of a trades person. For DIY, buy the units and follow the steps given in our Documentation page. We will provide online support for installation, configuration and maintenance.

Usage is free for an average household where the use per month is not very high. However, when used in businesses, offices or any similar situations with large number of users per device and the usage per month is very high, there can be a subscription fee. Our system will notify the customer when such heavy use is detected. Subscription fee will depend on the number of use per device per month and the patern of use. If you need a more accurate estimate, Contact Us

For those who are interested, we offer full installation, configuration, commissioning and monitoring in selected cities. Contact Us for details on pricing for this package.

How to download the app?

Search for the app wifisecureaccess in either Apple Store or google Play store. Once downloaded, open the app and press Admin Dashboard. In the login page that opens up, either login with your email and password, if you are already registered, or click 'Create an Account' if you are a new user.

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