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Universal Cloud based Smart phone operated Controller for Doors + Gates + Garage Doors + Parking Gates + Keyless Door Lock + Lights, Fans, Motors, Solenoids + WiFi+Smart Phone + Google Home + Alexa


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(This package does not include electric strike or magnetic lock)
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  • This is a universal general purpose cloude based controller than can be used to control anything from remote using a smart phone or Google Home or Alexa.
  • Universal access controller that can be integrated to control access to any restricted area such as Houses, Offices, Buildings, Hotels, Garages and Gates, Public places such as Cinema Halls, GYMs, Public Transportation such as Buses and Trains, Private and public Paid Parking Lots. Detailed documentation can be found
  • Universal General purpose WiFi based Remote IO that can turn ON/OFF any electrical equipment including motors, pumps, doors, gates and garage doors from remote using a smartphone. Detailed documentation can be found
  • Operated using Smartphone. Google Home and Alexa enabled. Integrates with Smart Home. Open/close the door/gate either using a voice command through Google Home or Alexa, or by scanning its QRCode or NFC tag, or by pressing a button on the smartphone or a computer.
  • Unlimited and configurable allowed users when used for houses, offices or buildings. Powerful configurable access restrictions on each allowed user, as well as each gate/door
  • When used for access control, configurable opening and closing hours. When used for public access places, configurable access/entry categories with configurable entry/access fees with automatic payment through Stripe payment platform. Publishes availability of bay/seat on a Google map for users to see and book or hold a bay/seat.
  • When used for public places, you can either integrate this with your current booking platform or use the built-in booking and hold software. It is also possible to integrate this with any of your other applications so that the door/gate can be opened using any of your other applications as well.
  • When used for automation, the controller is compatible with a variety of sensors. all sensors used with Arduino can be cabled to this controller. In addition, this has an analog input with a 12-bit A/D converter to interface with any analog sensor.
  • When used for automation, the cabled electrical equipment can be controlled either periodically, or based on the values sensed by the sensors. No coding is required by the user for this. The controller can be configured to meet the needs of the user. Our detailed documentation gives details on integrating this with any of your other applications as well, if you are interested, so that the connected electrical equipment can be turned on using your other applications.
  • When used for automation, it is also possible to configure two controllers sitting remote to each other such that one controller controls the other controller based on the conditions sensed by the first controller
  • ESP12-F based Development board that can be used for development purpose
  • This has a an AC-To-DC converter oboard and so, there is no external power supply needed. It can also take 12VDC as power input
  • Onboard interface to an RGB LED, buzzer and a 110/240VAC relay. That helps in avoiding cabling these on a breadboard when doing development
  • IO pinf D1, D6 and D7 of the NodeMCU (ESP-12-F0 are brought out on to connectors so that sensors can be cabled to these easily.
  • USB-to-Serial converter board comes with this that helps in connecting this board to a USB poprt of a computer for programming.
  • Ideal development board for those who are taking coures