WiFi Secure Access

Smart Device Availability

These devices are sold through ebay.com.au. It is also available through amazon.com (USA). You can buy the controller and install and configure it yourself (DIY). Or alternatively, if this is for access controls, you can get it installed by qualified local installers such as locksmiths. In addition to our detailed documentation, we provide unlimited support for installation and configuration.

For buying the controller, here are some links:


You may search for wifisecureaccess in ebay.com.au to see our listings. Here are links to two listings:

eBay: General-purpose IOT Smart device
eBay: Keyless Entry Door Access Controller
eBay: Garage Door Opener
eBay: IOT / ESP8266 Development Board. This comes with USB-To-Serial converter for programming. Available from ebay Australia only (ebay.com.au) for now.

PS: If the device is used in situations where the usage per month is very high, there can be a subscription fee. Contact us for details.

For further questions, please contact us by clicking the "CONTACT US" tab at the bottom of this page. Or, alternatively, you can send an email to contact@wifisecureaccess.com.