Ticketless Smart Parking System

Minimum hardware, maximum features

Use Smart Phone for parking.

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Bhadre Parking System

Bhadre provides a cost effective excellent parking management system that is very convenient for motorists as well as parking providers. It uses a Universal Identity System with single sign-on. This system consists of a WiFi based controller and a QRCode. If used for road-side parking with no entry gate, ultrasound sensors (or underground sensors) are used at each bay to detect a vehicle. For normal operation, this system does not use any other hardware. This controller will be cabled to the boom gate (or, shutter door) controller. This system uses QRCode/NFC scanning method. Customers scan QRCode (or NFC tag) using their smart phone. So, at the entry and exit gates of a parking lot, we would install QRCode (or NFC tag) for customers to scan. And, if roadside parking with no entry gate, QRCodes/NFC are installed at each bay. Our parking system has the following architecture and schematic.


We solve your parking needs at minimum cost, but with maximum features and convenience

Whether your need is for employee parking, or for paid parking lots, or for residence parking in body corporates, or for roadside parking for city councils, Bhadre provides a cost-effective solution that is easy to manage and easy to use. Contact us for a demonstration or a discussion/presentation. Our contact email: contact@wifisecureaccess.com

System Uses Universal Digital Identity System

This is a system that will be sync'ed with the upcoming NSW Government's Digital Idenity System and similar systems in any state and country. The system will have a unque profile assigned to each user. The user registers with this system and logs in with his/her user name (email address) and password using an app on his/her smart phone (Similar to NSW Service App). This is a one-time requirement. Hereafter wherver he/she goes for parking, or for any other service where it uses this Universal Identity System, he/she can access that service or premise using the app on his/her smart phone. Our parking system uses this Universal Idenity System making parking convenient and fun.

Minimum Hardware with Maximum Features

Bhadre parking system uses minimum hardware. In a gated parking lot, the only basic hardware that it needs is our controller that is cabled to the boom gate (or, shutter door), and a QRCode/NFC stand. If used in a roadside parking with no entry gates, addional sensors may also be required. Sensors are needed only if illegal parking is to be detected. Motorists scan the QRCode (or NFC tag) using their smart phone. Parking fee is charged to their credit card upon scanning QRCode at the exit gate using online Stripe payment platform. If it used in a roadside parking with no entry gates, and if illegal parking is to be deteted, addional sensors need to be installed. This system, thus, eliminates the need for expensive hardwares such as License Plate Recognition system, Tickets and Ticketing machines, Scanners, Card readers, Credit card readers, Pay Stations and so on, while providing the same and more benefits. This is a cloud based system providing all the needed advanced features of parking management and monitoring.

Parking Lots

Bhadre parking system fits any layout of the parking lots. Integration of our system is as simple as cabling our smart controller to the boom gate (or, shutter door) of the parking lot, and fixing either a QRCode or NFC tag at the gate for scanning. There are multiple options available for the installation of our system depending on what features are needed. For example, there are options available for the motorists to be assigned a bay within the parking lot when they scan the QRCode at entry gate eliminating the need to drive around within the parking lot looking for a bay to park. There are options to install sensors at each bay, even though the same feature can be achieved by installing QRCode at each bay, reducing the installation cost significantly. These multiple options are explained below under the heading "Multiple Options of Installations".

Roadside Parking

This system is also ideal for roadside parking. There are multiple options of installations for roadside parking as well. If illegal parking is to be reported, we recommend installing sensors at each bay. We offer underground sensors as well as ultrasound sensors. Ultrasound sensors are much cheaper giving the same features as that of an underground sensor. As an optional feature, a QRCode stand can be installed at each bay that the motorist can scan when parking. This will provide additional convenience for the motorists with no need to enter the details of parking bay when parking. Illegal parking and over-parking will be detected and notified and fined. We also provide a real-time hand-held dashboard that inspectors can carry. This dashboard will flash the bays which are either illegally parked or over-parked. This, thus, eliminates the need for parking inspectors to patrol all parking lots continuously. Instead, they need to visit only those bays which are flashed on their real-time dashboard. Bhadre system also eliminates the need for parking meters, pay stations, and tickets.

Allocates a Bay when Entering the Parking Lot

It is possible to install Bhadre parking system such that motorists will be told the nearest bay that is available for parking in a large multi-level parking lot when they scan the QRCode at the entry gate. Motorists can also know this while driving to that parking lot. They can also hold that bay until they reach that bay. This avoids the need to drive around within a parking lot looking for an available bay to park.

Booking and Holding of a Bay from Remote

Booking and/or holding any bay of a parking lot can be enabled so that motorists can book any bay, or hold it for a short period while driving to that spot.

Multiple Parking Categories with Different Privileges

This system has the capability to configure multiple parking categories of customers with different parking fees for different privileges. Special categories can be configured with special discount and special privileges. Parking provider can add selected users to any of the special categories. This helps parking providers to have control over who can park where and at what parking fee. This also helps in handling "permits" and "passes" that are issued by authorities.

Configurable Multiple Opening and Closing Times

Parking lot can have multiple opening and closing times per day or per week.

Configurable Parking Fees and Fines

Parking fees can be set in slabs. Parking fees can be set to be different for different times of the day as well as different days of the week. Parking fines can also be configured for over-parking.

Visibility on a Google Map

All parking lots where our systems are installed can be seen on a Google Map. Number of available parking spots in each parking lot at any time will also be shown against each parking lot on a Google map. This helps public to know where parking spaces are available at any time in a busy city, avoiding the need to drive around looking for a place to park.

Real Time Display Dashboard Showing the status of each bay of your parking lot

Whether this system is installed in a roadside parking or a parking lot, the parking provider can see the status of each bay of the parking lot on a real time display dashboard. They can know which bays are occupied and which bays are empty at any instant of time on this real time dashboard. If it is a roadside parking, illegal parking can be seen on the dashboard if sensors are installed at each bay. Notifications of illegal parking can also be enabled. Over-parking will also be flashed on the dashboard. This will eliminate the need for parking inspectors patrolling looking for illegal and over-parking. They need to go to only the bays which are being flashed on the realtime dashboard.

Integrates with your Booking Platform

Our system has its own booking platform. If you have your own booking platform, it can be integrated with Bhadre.

Analyse Parking Data and generate Reports using Microsoft BI

Our system provides complete data on parking. This data can be downloaded to any computer and analyse and generate reports using Microsoft BI.


  • A system with minimum hardware; low installation cost; maximum features
  • Easy installation. Installation is as easy as cabling our smart controller to the boom gate's controller and installing a QRCode for customers to scan.
  • No need for tickets and ticketing machine
  • No need for pay stations
  • Payment is processed on exit through online Stripe payment platform. So, it eliminates the need for having a credit card reader at the exit gates.
  • Ideal system for roadside parking as well, as it can detect ithe presence of a vehicle. Illegal parking can be reported and fined.
  • Customers can be grouped into multiple categories with different parking fees and privileges, in different parking areas.
  • Availability of parking spaces in a parking lot is advertised on a Google map for public to see, book or hold before they drive to this place.
  • People can hold a bay in the parking lot while driving to that place.
  • It is possible to configure such that the user is told which bay in the parking lot is available at that instance so that they can straight drive to that place and park without the need for driving around within the lot looking for an available bay.
  • Ideal for paid parking lots as well as parking lots of body corporates and offices
  • Visitors and temporary users can be handled easily from remote for short duration
  • Real Time Dashboard displaying the parking status of the parking lot
  • This system can be integrated with your currently used booking platform
  • Analyse parking data and generate reports using Microsoft BI

Installation and Configuration

We offer to install and configure this system to meet parking providers' specific needs, if they select our package. We provide full technical support and warranty.

During installations, we install our controller near the controller of every boom gate and connect the controller to WiFi. If WiFi is not available at that gate, access point is to be installed. We also install a QRCode stand at a convenient location at entry and exit gates for customers for scanning.


Multiple Options of Installations:

1) QRCodes at entry and exit gates only

With this kind of installations, motorists scan QRCode at entry. Gate opens when motorist scans QRCode at entry gate. Motorists then drive in looking for an available bay for parking. Once parked, they can check the status of their parking on their smart phone from remote. When they return and drive the car to an exit gate and scan the QRCode, parking fee (if any) is computed and charged to the motorists' credit card using Stripe payment platform.


2) QRCodes at entry and exit as well as at each parking bay

With this kind of installations, customer scans QRCode at the entry gate. The customer will be informed which bay is available for parking and the entry gate opens. He/she then drives to that bay and parks. This avoids the need to drive around within the parking lot looking for a place to park. After parking in the allocated bay, the customer needs to scan the QRCode at that bay. That will confirm his/her parking. The customer also has an option to park in any other available bay as well. With this kind of installation, the users can see in their smart phone the status of their parking as well as the bay number where the vehicle is parked. This helps the users to know exactly which bay their vehicle is when they return. When taking the vehicle out, the customer drives to the exit gate and scans the QRCode there. Parking fee is charged to his/her credit card using Stripe payment platform and the exit gate opens.

Note: This is our recommended installation, as it avoids the need for sensors while providing all features


3) QRCodes at entry as well as exit gates and sensors at each bay

This is the same as the type explained above in (2) except that each bay has a sensor too. The sensor along with an LED will display the current status whether the bay is currently vacant. That will help users to know which bays are currently available. It also helps notify when a user parks in a bay and walks out without scanning the QRCode at that bay. But, if every user parks only at the bay allocated to him/her, this sensor is not necessary. The allocated bay is notified to a user at the time when he/she scans the QRCode at the entry gate. As the directions to every bay is marked with signs in the parking lot, driving to an allocated bay is easy.


4) QRCode at every bay and exit gate, and no boom gate at entry gate

It is not necessary to have an entry gate if QRCodes are installed at every bay. There are two ways of knowing an available bay to park.
  • By looking at the LED status at every bay, if sensors are installed, or
  • By scanning the QRCode at the entry gate (even if there is no boom gate at the entry gate).
One can also get a bay allocated by pressing 'Hold a bay” option in the Google map, or by using the 'Hold a Bay' tab within the app on the customer's mobile phone.

This kind of installation will help users not to wait at the entry gate as they can drive directly to the allocated bay. The traffic congestion at the entry gate is thus avoided.

5) Roadside Parking

Installation for roadside parking involves QRCode and sensor at each bay. It does not need any other hardware to be installed at each bay. Sensor is used for detecting a vehicle. Motorist parks at the bay and scans the QRCode at the bay. This will confirm parking. Parking a vehicle and not scanning the QRCode will be treated as illegal parking. This will be reported to the authorities. Authorities can also see this bay flashing on their real-time dashboard..

We offer two types of sensors the clients can choose from. 1) Smart parking sensors on the ground with LoRaWAN gateway mounted on a post. 2) Ultrasound sensors installed on the QRCode stand with WiFi access point mounted on a post. The second option needs 12VDC at every QRCode stand. The first option needs replacement of the battery every five years.


We also offer an installation type with underground sensors along with a QRCode stand at every bay. With this installation, people scan the QRCode at the bay after parking. That will record the vehicle they are parking as well as the owner of the vehicle.


QRCode Stand

There are two types of QRCode stand to choose from. 1) Without ultrasound sensor and 2) With ultrasound sensor. When smart parking sensors that are mounted on the ground are used, the QRCode stand will not need ultrasound sensor.

Real-Time Dashboard

Real-time dashboard of any parking lot (including roadside parking) will didplay the current status of any bay. It will show whether a bay is currently occupied or empty. If illegally parked, or over-parked, it will flash that bay. So, parking inspectors can go to that bay and issue an infringement notice or a fine. This avoids the need for the inspector to patrol the parking lots looking for illegal parking or over-parking. In addition, if you click on that bay in the dashboard, it will show the details of the car occupying that bay.


Bhadre parking system not only eliminates a lot of unwanted expensive hardware, but also provides plenty of functionality for users as well as parking providers. Parking records are maintained, and can be downloaded by parking providers for data analysis and insights using Microsoft Power BI to incorporate into their own business strategy. Parking providers can also create multiple categories of customers and add special people to special categories with special privileges. It is possible to configure such that a customer in one category cannot park in another category.

Contact Us today for a demonstration to show you how you can transform your parking system to one that you and your customers will love.

Note: Bhadre also supplies a cpmpatible Universal Access Control System that can be used for office, hotels, GYMs, public event halls, and all such premises and facilities. Customers can, then, use the same smart phone App to get access to offices and buildings by scanning the QRCode/NFC tag at the door. We can provide you a cost effective better access control or parking system for any of your current premises or for a new project.