Universal Access Control System

Keyless, Cardless, Ticketless Access Control

Use Smart Phone for Accessing.

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Bhadre Access Control System

Bhadre provides cost effective and highly secure access control and automation solutions with smart phone access for the convenience of the users. We provide products and solutions (supply, install as well as monitor) of access control systems as well as smart parking systems for any facility and premise. The controller is also available for DIY with full installation instructions and User Guide online. Bhadre is a Universal Access Control System. It can be used for opening doors, gates as well as for parking. This can be used for houses, buildings, offices, private parking lots of apartment complexes, GYMs, AirBnb, caravan parks, public events, cinema halls, and transportation such as trains and buses. Users need only their smart phones or personal ID card to get access to wherever Bhadre systems are installed, with a single point login, eliminating the need for separate keys or cards or tickets for every place they go. Bhadre access control system has only twp parts - 1) a controller and 2) an actuator. The actuator can be an electric strike (doors), or garage door or gate controller.

Add advanced features of smart lock to your existing mechanical lock

Ther is no need to replace the current mechanical lock to get the advanced features of smart lock if you use Bhadre controller. For such an installtion, you keep the same lock, but install an electric strike on the door frame and cable it to the Bhadre copntroller. You can then open/close this lock using a smart phone or using fingerprint (optional). You can continue to use the mechanical key as well.

Use Smart phones for Accessing

Users need only their smart phones to access any premise where our Access Control system is installed, eliminating the need for carrying separate keys and cards for each premise.

Integrates with Google Home and Alexa

This access controller also integrates with Google Home and Alexa. So, authorized users can also open the door using a voice command.

Multiple ways to open a door/gate

With Bhadre system installed, users can use any one of the six methods to open a door or gate. 1) Use Google Home, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa, 2) Prerss a button on the smart phone, 3) Scan a QRCode or NFC tag placed on the door/gate, 4) Scan using ID card (optional feature), 5) Use fingerprint reader, or 6) use a physical key

Optional Personal ID card Reader

For those who prefer to use the fobs instead of smartphones, we provide optional card readers and personal ID cards so that they can scan their personal ID cards instead of smartphone. This feature is optional.

Optional Fingerprint reader

Bhadre provides an optional fingerprint reader that can be integrated with the controller so that one can open the door/gate by touching the fingerprint reader. Alternatively, the fingerpriont reader can be configured as a two_factor authenticator for higher security.

Two factor Authentication

For high security doors, two factor authentication with a personal pin, or face recognition can be configured. Once configured, the system will prompt for the user's pin before opening the door/gate. If face recognition is configured, the system will prompt for taking a picture of the user's face, and will try to match that with the user's profile picture stored in the system. The door/gate will open only if they match.

Neat and Stylish

The controller is a stylish small unit that can be places on the inside wall next to the door. This controller is either cabled to an electric strike or magnetric lock on the door, or can be wirelessly connected to a battery operated lok on the door. The controller needs WiFi connectivity which most of the houses and building have.

You decide who accesses which door, when, and for how long

The management of the premise will have full control on whom they allow and between what hours of a day and what days of the week. An office or building can have multiple doors, with configurable settings for each door. Opening and closing hours of each door and allowed users for each door are configurable. Management also will have full control on each allowed user. Visitors can be added any time with automatic cancellation of their access after the set duration. With the level of security incorporated with the system, only allowed users can open these doors, even though anyone can scan these codes. Management of the premise can also configure controls such that public are allowed on the basis of their age, gender or nationality. Special control on each indiviual entry is also configurable..

Configure to Turn ON lights when door is opened

Bhadre platform provides serveral powerfull features to configure it to meet your needs. For example, if you want the lights to come ON when the door is opened, it can be done by a simple comfiguration. To get such features, the lights must be using Bhadre's wall pannel touch button switches.

Installation and Configuration

We offer to install and configure this system to meet your access control needs, should you choose our package. Alternatively, you can buy our controller and install it yourselves on the doors and gates. We provide full technical support and warranty.


  • Open a door or gate by scanning a QRCode using the WiFiSecureAccess App on the user's smart phone
  • Optional card readers can be installed for those who want to use their personal ID cards or fingerprint instead of smartphones
  • Integrates with Google Smart Home and Amazon Alexa. So, the user can open the door using voice prompt as well (if enabled by configuration)
  • One can also open the door/gate by pressing a button on the App, or on a browser (if logged in as an allowed user). Authorized persons can open the door from remote also to let in any of their guests.
  • Easy to integrate with any electric door strike or magnetic lock
  • No need to pass on keys or cards to allow someone else to open the door. Instead, just enter their email address in the list of allowed users
  • Configurable unlimited allowed users: The management (or the owner) of the premises can allow as many users as he wants
  • Additional layer of security with a personal secret pin (2FA) or Face Recognition, if desired
  • Configurable Opening/Closing hours
  • Works on Smartphone's access point in case of a WiFi failure
  • Configurable access restrictions on each allowed user
  • Easy authorisation of visitors for short specified period, with automatic cancellation upon expiry
  • We can install the controller at the parking gates and garage doors as well, so that the users can use the same App to open the gate. This eliminates the need for parking tickets, access cards, ticketing machines and so on, reducing the cost. Our parking management system has excellent advanced features


Installation in each room is as per the diagrams below. The installation is identical in each room. Each room needs a controller, an electric strike on the door frame, and door handle with mechanical lock and key for emergency backup

Installation can be done either using a standard smart lock or by using an electric strike on the door.

The following are pictures showing installation using electric strikes: smartphone-2


Keep the current Mechanical Lock and Key with Handle

The mechanical lock and key must be such that the door must be openable from inside without any key or controller. This is a requirement for safety and emergency purposes. People will not be using this mechanical key normally. The mechanical lock is kept locked and keys are saved somewhere safe so that the door can be opened from outside by using a smart phone only. However, in case of an emergency or power failure, mechanical keys can be used for opening the door.


Integrate with Gates and Garage Doors, if needed

Our System can also be installed for controlling parking gates. Our parking management system has advanced features.


Installation Process

Install an electric strike on the door frame. It is ito be cabled to the Bhadre controller mounted on the wall next to the door frame. The Bhadre controller needs 12VDC power using an external power adapter (12VDC, 1A). So, cable the controller to an electric power outlet next to it. In the new buildings, it is requested to provide a power point next to the door frame. Keep the current mechanical lock and handle as it is. If this is a new building with fresh installation, a mechanical lock with a handle is to be installed on the door. This lock is not normally used. In fact, this mechanical lock and key can still be used when using our smart keyless system with smart phone. In addition, this mechanical key becomes useful in the event of a power failure. Note that the smart access controller can be configured to swith over to your Smartphone's hotspot in the event of a network or WiFi failure.

If iyou are to install our system for parking, or garage doors and gates, cable our controller to the manual over-ride push button terminals of those gates or garage doors. As far as the hardware is concerned for parking integration, that is as simple as that. The rest of all the features are achieved in the configuration that is described in the documentation that comes with this product. If you buy our full installation package, we will do the installation as well as the configuration for you..

The parts and components for installation on every door are the following. This is identical on every door.
  • Bhadre Controller
  • Electric Strike, or Battery operated remote lock
  • Door handle with mechanical lock and key. This may already be there on an existing door
  • QRCode (optional)
  • Personal ID Scanner or Fingerprint Scanner (optional)


Bhadre Access Control System is a universal controller that can also be used with any types of access control requirements such as cinema halls, public event halls and so on. This is a smart phone operated system. The user needs only his/her smart phone to access any restricted area where he/she is authorised to access. The owner of the premises have full control on whom they can allow when and what time.

Click here for the detailed documentation on installation and configuration.

For DIY, click here for buying the controller and components.

Contact Us today for a demonstration to show you how you can transform your office, hotels, GYMs, public event halls, parking lots and all such places into a place with convenient user friendly access control system that you and your customers will love. We can provide you a cost effective better access control or parking system for any of your current premises or for a new project.